The rooms

Die zwei Löwen has six categories of apartments:

-2 person apartment

-4 person apartment with bedroom

-4 person apartment with terrace and bedroom

-4 person apartment with balcony

-6 person apartment with two bedrooms

-6 person apartment with terrace and two bedrooms


Each luxury apartment has the following layout:

-Comfortable seating area

-Modern kitchen including refrigerator, stove, coffee maker and kettle

-Bedroom with Box spring mattresses

-Bathroom with spacious shower tray, toilet and sink

-Spacious closet space

Two person apartment

The compact 2-person apartments have a practical layout, with emphasis on overview and at the same time as complete as the 4/6 person apartments.

Four person apartment

The 4-person apartments feature a spacious layout with their own bedroom or big balcony and generally use of a comfortable sofa bed.

Six person apartment

The 6-person apartments have an extra bedroom, thus providing ample space for larger groups.