About us

The entrepreneurial dream of Albert, Derio and Peter started in mid-2016 and eventually led to the creation of Die zwei Löwen UG.
Our ambition concerns the realization of a distinctive luxury apartment complex.
Winterberg has a large number of accommodations, but often with an outdated style and high ‘Ikea’ quality.
We strive to provide the apartment complex with a modern look, carefully looking for a combination of simplicity and comfort.


For business purposes, we work exclusively with local parties so that our social involvement is also shown.
The close community of Winterberg greeted us warmly and we continuously see why this region with its unique hospitality is increasingly visited by guests from several countries.

We wish you a great stay and would love to provide additional information to support you with an unforgettable experience!


Albert Groenendijk

Derio Buunk

Peter de Raad