General terms and conditions

Die Zwei Lowen


Die Zwei Löwen UG hereinafter referred to as Die Zwei Löwen draws your attention to the fact that any reservations you make are legally binding. A right of withdrawal (the so-called cooling-off period) is valid up to 1 day after reservation, but does not apply to the agreements you conclude with Die Zwei Löwen.


1.1 These General Terms and Conditions apply to all offers, reservations and agreements with regard to rental objects, hotel rooms and other facilities that are rented out by Die Zwei Löwen.

1.2 In these General Terms and Conditions, ‘tenant’ and ‘you’ mean the person who concludes an agreement with Die Zwei Löwen regarding the rental/use of a rental object and/or a hotel room. The term “user” (hereinafter also referred to as “guest”) refers to the tenant and the persons designated by the tenant who use the rented property and/or the hotel rooms and/or other facilities.

1.3 These General Terms and Conditions apply notwithstanding your (prior) reference to any own terms and conditions or to other General Terms and Conditions. Die Zwei Löwen rejects all other terms and conditions to which you refer.

1.4 Conditions deviating from these General Terms and Conditions are only valid if agreed in writing.


2.1 Die Zwei Löwen only accepts reservations from persons who are at least 18 years old. Reservations of minors are invalid.

2.2 Die Zwei Löwen reserves the right to refuse deviating reservations, in particular those of groups, without stating reasons or to attach special conditions to them.

2.3 After receiving your reservation request, Die Zwei Löwen will send you an automated confirmation within 1 day. You must check it for correctness immediately upon receipt. Any deviations must be reported immediately to Die Zwei Löwen.

2.4 If you have not received a confirmation/invoice 1 day after making a reservation request, you must immediately contact the reservation department, otherwise you will not be able to claim the reservation.

2.5 The agreement between you and Die Zwei Löwen is concluded the moment Die Zwei Löwen has confirmed the reservation to you.

2.6 The contract regulates the rental of rental housing and/or hotel rooms and/or other leisure facilities. It is therefore a contract of limited duration.


3.1 If you wish to make changes to the Contract after it has been made, Die Zwei Löwen is not obliged to accept them. Die Zwei Löwen can decide in its sole discretion whether and to what extent any changes are accepted. Die Zwei Löwen’s acceptance of such changes may be made subject to payment by you of a reasonable change fee.

3.2 Changes in the arrival date and/or location are normally not allowed within 5 days of arrival.

3.3 If, after a Contract has come into force, you wish to cancel any part of that Contract, the cancellation conditions set out in clause 14 will apply.

3.4 If Die Zwei Löwen has to change a reservation you have booked with regard to the room or the type and/or location of the hotel room/apartment, Die zwei Löwen itself can offer an alternative.


4.1 The Tenant and other users are not permitted to hand over the rented property and/or the hotel rooms to persons other than the persons named in the agreement, under whatever name and for whatever reason, unless this has been agreed in writing with Die Zwei Lowen has agreed.

4.2 The tenant is obliged to state all names of other users of the rented property and/or hotel room on the registration form.

4.3 Until the start of the holiday, you can require third parties to assume the rights and obligations arising from the contract. In that case, both you and the new tenant are jointly and severally liable for the travel sum and additional costs. In this case, a lump sum of EUR 50 could be estimated for the administrative effort and associated costs.


5.1 You owe Die Zwei Löwen the agreed rental price stated in the booking confirmation and invoice.

5.2 Discounts and/or special offers cannot be granted retrospectively after a booking has been made.

5.3 Unless otherwise stated, all prices include VAT.

5.4 The relevant reservation codes must be entered directly with the reservation (by telephone) or entered (via the Internet).

5.5 If after the conclusion of the agreement and the start of the trip more than four months later, the turnover tax and/or levies (such as tourist tax) are increased as a result of changes in legal regulations, the travel sum will also be increased by the same percentage. such as the increase in turnover tax and/or levies (such as tourist tax); Die Zwei Löwen will announce this increase no later than 21 days before the start of the trip.


6.1 The Kurtaxe contribution is determined by the municipality/city concerned. You are/ Tenant is in principle obliged to pay to Die Zwei Löwen the applicable rate of tourist tax determined by the relevant municipality/city.


7.1 For reservations made more than 5 days before arrival, 100% of the remaining amount of the rental price must be received by Die Zwei Löwen at the latest 5 days before the start of the stay as stated in the reservation confirmation.

7.2 In case of a reservation within 5 days before arrival, 100% of the total price must be paid immediately. If the outstanding amount has not yet been credited to Die Zwei Löwen’s bank account upon arrival at the hotel, the (remaining) amount must be paid immediately on site, unless the customer can demonstrate that the (remaining) amount has been credited correctly before arrival. . In the absence of payment in accordance with the above, Die Zwei Löwen is allowed to refuse you the use of the rented property and/or the hotel room and/or any other facility. If it later appears that the transfer has already been made by you and the amount has not yet been credited to the bank account of Die Zwei Löwen when you arrive at the hotel, the additional amount paid will be refunded to you with retroactive effect.

7.3 If payment of the amounts invoiced to you is not made on time, you will be in default immediately after expiry of the payment term. If payment is not made (on time), Die Zwei Löwen reserves the right to dissolve the agreement. In that case you are liable for all damage that Die Zwei Löwen suffers or will suffer as a result, including all damages. This includes all costs incurred by Die Zwei Löwen in connection with your reservation and cancellation. With regard to possible cancellation costs, reference is made to the provisions in Article 14.

7.4 Die Zwei Löwen is at all times entitled to set off claims against you, on any legal basis, against amounts paid by you on any legal basis.


8.1 The rented accommodation can be occupied on the agreed day of arrival as stated in the reservation confirmation from 3 p.m. The accommodation must be vacated by 10:00 on the agreed day of departure stated in the booking confirmation. On the agreed day of departure, the hotel room must be vacated in accordance with the check-out options that are agreed upon with our caretaker on arrival.

8.2 If you wish to continue the agreement with Die Zwei Löwen for a longer period than the agreed period and Die Zwei Löwen agrees to this, Die Zwei Löwen is at all times entitled to designate another rental property/hotel room for you.

8.3 If the guest ends the use of the rented property and/or the apartment and/or any other facility before the expiry of the agreed date stated on the reservation confirmation, the guest is not entitled to a refund of (part of) the rent and/or or costs by Die Zwei Löwen. If you had taken out travel insurance and your cancellation meets the requirements set by the insurance company, you can submit a claim to the insurance company in accordance with the early departure.


9.1 All guests must adhere to the house rules established by Die Zwei Löwen. The house rules can be requested at the reception upon arrival and are available for information purposes in the building at various locations.

9.2 In accordance with government regulations, guests are required to show proof of identity on request. If the guests cannot identify themselves, Die Zwei Löwen may decide not to accommodate the guests.

9.3 Each rented property may be occupied by a maximum of the number of persons stated on Die Zwei Löwen’s reservation for the relevant rented property.

9.4 Die Zwei Löwen reserves the right to make changes to the function and opening hours. For necessary maintenance, guests allow maintenance work to be carried out on their rented accommodation or other facilities during their stay.

9.5 The tenant must return the holiday home in a clean condition (i.e. do not leave garbage/glass behind, but deposit it in the garbage/glass container).

9.6 In the event of violation of the rules laid down in these General Terms and Conditions and/or the house rules in such a way that immediate termination of the Agreement is justified and/or in the event of failure to follow the instructions of the staff in this regard, Die Zwei Löwen has the right to and immediately remove any other user from the building. In that case, Die Zwei Löwen retains the right to claim the rent, but must take into account the value of the expenses saved, as well as the benefits that the hotel derives from an alternative use of the unused service.

9.7 If the management seriously suspects that the tenant of a rented property is acting unlawfully and/or against public order and/or morality, the management is authorized to gain access to the rented property.

  1. PETS

10.1 Pets are generally allowed at an additional cost (this will be communicated at the time of booking if guests indicate that they would like to bring a pet).

10.2 Exceptions are animals that are required for assistance (guide dogs).


11.1 The Lessee and/or User and those accompanying him are personally liable for law enforcement on his side and on the part of those accompanying him within and in the vicinity of the rented property and/or the hotel room and/or other facilities in the hotel. , for the use of the rented property and/or the hotel room and the associated inventory.

11.2 Furthermore, the Lessee is always personally liable for damage caused by breakage and/or loss and/or damage to the inventory and/or rented goods, unless the Lessee can demonstrate that the damage cannot be attributed to him, other users or supervisors. Damage for which the tenant is liable must be reported immediately by the tenant to Die Zwei Löwen and it must be replaced on site.


12.1 Die Zwei Löwen can ask you for a deposit at the beginning of your stay. The deposit is a maximum of €250 per rental property and/or hotel room.

12.2 The deposit serves as a guarantee for damage and/or costs – in the broadest sense of the word – that may arise for Die Zwei Löwen if a tenant fails to fulfill its obligations.

12.3 In the absence of immediate payment of the deposit, Die Zwei Löwen is entitled to prohibit the tenant and/or the users and their companions from accessing the rented property and/or the hotel room and from using the rented property and/or the hotel room.

12.4 If you fail to pay the deposit, Die Zwei Löwen is also entitled to dissolve (cancel) the agreement with immediate effect.

12.5 The deposit or any remainder thereof will be refunded by Die Zwei Löwen to the tenant and/or the users and their attendants, after deduction of claims (damage to the inventory/the rented property and/or other costs). Any (further) claims for compensation will not lapse as a result of this refund.


13.1 Die Zwei Löwen provides Internet access via WiFi networks to users and their companions throughout the apartment complex.

13.2 Die Zwei Löwen does not make the hardware and software required for the use of the Internet available to the Lessee. The tenant will bring all necessary hardware and software with him. The lessee is responsible for the correct use of the settings, peripheral equipment and the connections to support them, as well as for measures to protect the computer or the operating system. In particular, he must equip his computer with current virus programs or a firewall.

13.3 Die Zwei Löwen is not liable for financial loss caused by simple negligence as a result of the use of the Internet or as a result of disruptions in the network. Any additional statutory liability relief in favor of Die Zwei Löwen is not limited by this. Article 18 of these General Terms and Conditions remains unaffected by sentence 1 of Article 13.3.

13.4 When using the internet, the tenant/user and his/her companions will behave as may be expected of a responsible and conscientious internet user; they will comply with the legal provisions when using the internet. The renter/user and his companions must in particular refrain from acts that infringe copyrights or other protected rights of third parties or that are contrary to public decency. In particular, the Lessee’s attention is drawn to the fact that the use of file-sharing networks for illegally downloading music or film material may be punishable and may give rise to claims for damages from the holder of the rights against the Lessee and his/her companions. Die Zwei Löwen expressly points out that this is only one example of a possible infringement and that infringements can also occur in other ways.

13.5 If a violation of the law or other misuse of internet access is established or suspected by the tenant or his companion, Die Zwei Löwen has the right to block access to the internet in whole or in part without prior notice.

13.6 The tenant is advised that he is liable to the violator for all infringements of rights in connection with the use of the Internet, including those committed by the tenant/user and his companions. If Die Zwei Löwen is held liable by the injured party for acts performed by the tenant or his companions, the tenant will indemnify Die Zwei Löwen.


14.1 Cancellation charges will apply in case of cancellation of a reservation. These costs amount to 0% of the total costs in case of cancellation up to 5 days before the reservation, and 100% of the total costs in case of cancellation afterwards. It is up to you to prove to Die Zwei Löwen that no damage has been caused by the cancellation.

14.2 If you do not show up within 24 hours of the agreed arrival date without further notice, your absence will be considered a no-show. The cost of a no-show is the total cost.


15.1 If Die Zwei Löwen is temporarily or permanently unable to fulfill the agreement in whole or in part due to force majeure, Die Zwei Löwen can make you an alternative offer (for a different rental property/period, etc.).

15.2 Force majeure on the part of Die Zwei Löwen exists if the execution of the agreement is wholly or partially, temporarily or permanently prevented by circumstances beyond the control of Die Zwei Löwen. This includes the threat of war, strikes, blockades, fire, floods and other disruptions and incidents.

15.3 You have the right to reject the replacement offer. If you reject the replacement offer, you must make this known within 14 days of receipt of the replacement offer. In that case, Die Zwei Löwen has the right to dissolve the agreement with immediate effect. You are then entitled to remission and/or refund of the rent/the part of the rent already paid. In that case, Die Zwei Löwen is not obliged to pay any compensation.


16.1 Die Zwei Löwen has the right at all times to terminate the agreement with immediate effect if personal data is incomplete and/or incorrectly provided by you and/or other users when making a reservation and this data has not been provided within a reasonable period despite a warning. are provided. In this case, the hotel is entitled to compensation for the damage caused by the premature termination of the agreement.


17.1 Die Zwei Löwen accepts no liability for theft (including theft from safes in the room/apartment), loss or damage to objects or persons of any nature whatsoever, arising during or as a result of the stay in our hotel and/or the rental/use of a rental home and/or hotel room and/or other Die Zwei Löwen facilities.

17.2 Liability for damage due to loss of travel pleasure or due to business interruption and other consequential damage is in principle excluded. Furthermore, Die Zwei Löwen accepts in principle no liability for damage for which claims for compensation can be made under a travel insurance and/or a travel cancellation insurance or any other insurance.

17.3 Die Zwei Löwen is not liable for malfunctions or defects in services provided by third parties.

17.4 The liability for material damage is in any case limited to a maximum of € 1,000 per tenant/user per stay.

17.5 You are liable for all loss and/or damage to the rented property and/or the hotel room and/or the property of Die Zwei Löwen caused by you and/or other users during use, whether as a result of an act or omissions by you and/or third parties who are on the hotel premises with your permission. This does not apply to any unlawful liability of users and/or third parties.

17.6 You indemnify Die Zwei Löwen against all claims in respect of damage suffered by third parties that are (partly) attributable to an act or omission by you, other users, your fellow travelers or third parties who are on the hotel grounds with your permission.

17.7 The liability of Die Zwei Löwen is generally excluded for all non-contractual claims for compensation.

17.8 Die Zwei Löwen is not liable for noise nuisance caused by third parties or other guests.

17.9 The aforementioned limitations of liability do not apply to damage resulting from injury to life, limb or health or from cardinal obligations based on a negligent breach of duty by Die Zwei Löwen or an intentional or negligent breach of duty by a legal representative or vicarious representative of Die Zwei Löwen. In addition, in the event of other damages, these limitations of liability shall not apply to gross negligence or willful breach of duty by Die Zwei Löwen or a legal representative or vicarious agent of Die Zwei Löwen.


18.1 Despite the efforts of Die Zwei Löwen, it is possible that you have a justified complaint regarding your stay. In the first instance, you must report this complaint directly and locally. If your complaint has not been handled to your satisfaction, you have up to one month after your departure from the hotel to submit your complaint in writing to: Die Zwei Löwen, . If this is also not resolved to your satisfaction, you have the option of submitting your complaint to the European Commission’s online dispute resolution. This term also applies to the submission of claims in tort. Your complaint will be handled with the utmost care. All contractual claims are otherwise subject to a limitation period of one year.


19.1 You are responsible for having the valid travel documents required at your destination. Die Zwei Löwen is not liable for the consequences of not being in possession of the correct travel documents.


20.1 Personal data is necessary for our guest administration. The data is used for the administration of our guests.

20.2 At your request, we will correct, change, delete or block your data if, for example, the data is factually incorrect. This may mean that you can no longer use our services or part of our services. You have the right to ask us to inform you whether your personal data is being processed. The data can be used for information and offers of our and related products and services, also in combination with interesting data from other companies. If you do not appreciate interesting offers in the information of Die Zwei Löwen, please let us know: Die Zwei Löwen, .


21.1 Die Zwei Löwen will send its correspondence digitally unless this proves impossible.

21.2 Die Zwei Löwen cannot be held liable for obvious printing or typographical errors.

21.3 These Terms and Conditions make all previous publications invalid.